Forum guidelines

To make everyone's time on the Bright Moon forums more enjoyable and to help us stay within the precepts, there are a few basic guidelines we ask you to observe when participating in forum discussions.

Please do:

  • Share your experiences of life as a practitioner on the Buddhist path
  • Enjoy supporting others in their experience
  • Discuss and debate issues of the day
  • Browse and get to know the site
  • Think carefully before posting about how what you write may affect others
  • Respond with your full attention
  • Be gentle with yourself and others, and appreciate differences in opinion
  • Stay on topic
  • If you’re asking a question or posting a new topic, first check if it’s been asked already
  • Keep the email address and other contact details stored in your user profile up-to-date so that you can be contacted
  • Follow the conflict resolution process described below if necessary

Please don't:

  • Make personal attacks
  • Deliberately provoke, intimidate, upset or annoy
  • Post Spam, racist/sexist or sexually explicit comments
  • Pretend to be anyone other than yourself
  • Represent what others have said; always present it as your understanding of what you’ve heard.
  • Infringe the privacy of others by sharing information or the content of private conversation without consent from those concerned.
  • Pursue other unintended uses of the forums not listed.
  • Share forum posts or other content intended for members on Bright Moon elsewhere without the explicit permission of the original poster or site administration.
  • Quote sources (articles etc.) in their entirety.

If unsure please contact site administration. As Buddhist practitioners some of the "don't" 's may go without saying and yet it is good to be explicit. The administrators will take actions in the occurance of any of these "don’t" 's   This may include removing posts and deactivating your account.

Please report any instances of the above "don’t" s privately to the moderators via the private message form.

The Internet and meditation
Bright Moon is intended to inspire you to practice. Sharing thoughts and experiences online can be helpful, but because Internet forums break through isolation, they can also become addictive. Typical signs are prioritising hours at the computer at the cost of real-life friends and responsibilities, or feeling a frequent need to check for new messages. Reflect on why you are posting; keep to your regular meditation practice and the Precepts; and be aware of the amount of time you decide to spend here. 

A note to Internet newcomers

Writing on the Internet is prone to misunderstandings because we can't read people's tone of voice and facial expressions, and often we're communicating with people we don’t yet know. Also, our international community includes members from all walks of life with varying cultural backgrounds and not everyone is necessarily native to English.  But even if we speak the same language, the same word often means different things to different people. A short sentence might mistakenly be interpreted as expressing anger, or an honest and direct response to one person might feel like a personal confrontation to another. It's easy to take for granted that we understand what somebody's saying, when in reality we may not do. Please write with care and give others the benefit of the doubt. If you find yourself disagreeing passionately, it may help to sit with it first and then ask questions to clarify what is meant, rather than saying your opinion straight away.

Administrative stuff

If you’re posting a question or topic that has already been raised somewhere else on the forum, the moderators may move it to keep the forum tidy. If so, they will notify you.

We try to remove or edit objectionable material as quickly as possible, but it’s impossible to immediately review every message. Please report any offending material to the moderator of the forum.

All posts represent the views and opinions of the author, and not those of the administrators, moderators or webmaster.

By registering and using ‘Bright Moon’ you agree to be bound by these conditions.

Conflict Resolution Process

If conflict arises, please:

  1. Talk it out privately one-on-one. Get in touch with the other person via the private message form and try to work things out gently. Please consider the other person's point of view - they might just be having a bad day, month or year.
  2. If that fails,  contact the site administration. Describe the problem from your point of view and include links to any related posts. There’s no need to report problems on somebody else's behalf - if somebody has an issue, they will take responsibility for it themselves.
  3. The moderators will review the situation and take action as necessary. This may involve deactivating accounts, sending out warnings, or asking posters to apologise.